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PRH surgical CT on call guide

by Melissa Weighill and Philip Sherrard — last modified 2012-08-29 15:43

Helpful information about the on call responsibilities of general surgery, orthopaedics, urology and ENT Foundation Year 2 doctors working at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath. Since this article was written the F2 posts have been changed in to CT posts.

On Call guide at PRH for surgical F2s





Arrive at 4pm

Pick up bleep (040) approx 4.30pm

On call for wards from 5-8.30pm


Handover 8.30pm – Euan Keates centre (2nd floor –next to the library)





Pick up bleep at 8am – verbal handover from night team


Handover 8.30pm – Euan Keates centre


Ward round of all general surgical patients – on own (Hurstpierpoint)

Ward round of all urology patients – with urology registrar (sometimes they do not bleep you to join round)

No official ward round of orthopaedic patients – you are required to go to all orthopaedic wards (Albourne and Twineham) to see any patients that need reviewing


What is expected on call


When on call you are expected to cover general surgery, urology, ENT and orthopaedic inpatients. Nurses will bleep you to review patients they think have become unwell.


While on call it is also your responsibility to review medical inpatient referrals for the above specialties.


Patients will be transferred from the RSCH who are post-surgical but medically fit. They normally only require minimal non-operative management or rehabilitation. Nurses will bleep you to see these patients when they arrive. A brief clerking only is necessary to ensure they are medically stable.


It is important to NOT admit patients from A&E because we do not have consultant post-take ward rounds at PRH. Exceptions to this are urology patients in urinary retention &/or haematuria. If A&E calls advise them to discuss the case with the urology registrar. It is not your responsibility to review the patient.


Out of hours there is an on call registrar for each of the above specialties who can be contacted via switchboard. If an inpatient fracture occurs and you are unable to contact the orthopaedic registrar on call contact the A&E registrar who may be able to aid you in further management.


Discuss any patient that you are at all concerned about with the registrar on call because they may require transfer to RSCH for definitive surgical management.



Written by

Dr Philip Sherrard FY2 & Dr Melissa Weighill FY2

September 2009


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