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How to arrange a consultation with Mr Moore

by Justin Beadle last modified 2020-12-30 19:08

Guidance on arranging an appointment

Contact Details

Mr Moore's private practice team:

Telephone direct to Private Secretary Lauren 01273 929 897

Fax 0203 393 1849

E-mail direct to Private Secretary:

Address Mr Etienne Moore Private Secretary, Medserv, Ground Floor, Rockwood House, 9-17 Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3DU

Medserv general enquiries telephone 0203 384 1952

Medserv website

Spire Montefiore Hove private out-patient clinic bookings 01273 828 030, Fax 01273 828 130

Nuffield Health Brighton private out-patient clinic bookings 01273 627 007 or 01273 627 008, Fax 01273 620 101

Mr Moore conducts regular Tuesday private clinics, endoscopy lists and operating lists at both Spire Montefiore Hove Hospital and Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital

Mr Moore NHS Secretary Tel. 01273 696 955 Ext. 64077 (please ask for Mr Moore secretary), Fax 01273 523 264, E-mail:

Mr Moore conducts weekly NHS operating lists and clinics at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust


Mr Moore provides face to face, virtual video and telephone consultations and surgical services at the Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital, the Spire Montefiore Hospital Hove and at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton and Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath).

He is qualified in general surgery but has particular specialist interests in colorectal disease, endoscopy and colonoscopy, and laparoscopic surgery for conditions such as gallstones, hernias, adhesions and bowel problems.  Laparoscopic surgery is sometimes called keyhole or minimal access surgery.

Patients are advised that they cannot usually be seen or treated by specialists, either in the NHS or private practice, without a referral, usually from a general practitioner (GP).  Therefore they should ideally make an appointment to see their local doctor first if they have any medical problem.  Their GP or other specialist will then make a referral to Mr Moore if they feel it is appropriate.  Both private and NHS patients should make sure that they let their GP or other specialist know if they have a preferred surgeon such as Mr Moore that they would like to be referred to.

Mr Moore will accept UK or foreign private self-referrals from patients but these patients should be aware that he will strongly advise them that their GP or local doctor should be kept fully informed of any consultation or subsequent medical management.  Such self-referring patients should telephone Mr Moore's private secretary on 0844 858 1177 (phoning from UK) or +44 844 858 1177 (phoning from abroad).  A private consultation can then be arranged.  Alternatively they are welcome to contact the booking team of the Spire Montefiore Hove Hospital or the Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital.

The organisation of Mr Moore's private clinics is conducted by the booking team of the hospital hosting the clinic (Mr Moore alternates his clinics weekly between Nuffield Brighton Hospital and Spire Montefiore Hove Hospital) so patients wishing to book in to Mr Moore's out-patients clinic or those wishing to make changes to their appointment time or date should contact either the Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital 01273 624 488 or the Spire Montefiore Hove Hospital 01273 828 120.

Private referrals can also be e-mailed to 

Patients should note that the UK private and NHS (National Health Service) consultation and treatment systems are different.  Private patients will always be seen and treated by Mr Moore personally at a time as convenient as possible to them.  NHS patients will not necessarily be seen or treated by Mr Moore personally and may at any time be seen and treated by a different doctor employed by the hospital.  This is because NHS consultations and treatments are pooled between different consultants and other non-consultant doctors and nurses to try to reduce NHS waiting times.  NHS patients are perfectly within their rights to request to their GP or their hospital or any other NHS health care provider that they see a specific consultant such as Mr Moore but they must then appreciate that they may be required to wait longer.

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